Welcome to Majesty Spa & Massage

Isabella Spa & Massage House has changed it's name to Majesty Spa & Massage House. At Majesty Spa & Massage House, we Specialize in Spa Treatments, Wellness, massage and total skin care.

To improve service to all customer and guests, we are very considerate wth your safety and comfort. The room is clean, quites, comfortable atmosphere and full aircon. We occupied a new building to provide better service for your convenience. The new place bigger, more luxurious, more comfortable, more complete, better. We would like to serve you all well, your satisfaction is our goal.

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We Provide Free transportation From & To Ferry terminal, Hotel, Shopping Mall Seafood Place, Foodcourt, Airport, and anywhere you are in the city of BATAM

Popular Procedures

These Procedures are the best and most loved by our Costumers

Ear Candle Therapy

Ear candle therapy was one of Indian traditional therapy that believed could reduce your stress, detox, waxing, very good for ear's health as it will expel the dirt and unpleasant smell. It will bring the improvement on the sense of hearing. Relaxing your mind & sleep well.

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Ratus V Spa

Taking care of the women's intimacy area is very important, one of the solution they need the most is "RATUS VAGINA" that's one of the herbal therapy, it's purpose is for the women's intimacy keep healthy, clean, kill the bad odour, and reduce itchiness.

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Hot Stone Massage

A stone massage is a massage that uses smooth, flat, and heated rocks placed at key points on the body. It help with your blood circulation.

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